by Tomy Wealth

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released April 4, 2018


all rights reserved


Track Name: Tribe feat. Saukrates
Tribe feat. Saukrates
Lyrics: Saukrates


If I give you what you want
Will you give me what I need?
I just hope you know
The difference in between
If the river runs one way
Will you visit me some day?
And see what we've become
The weak are now the strong
All is for the one...

Verse 1:

We got to stay cool and stay sharp
I'm like a .45 when I take off
Make no mistake, you are overrated,
We're the underdog squad and we blaze all

No prisoners here, no visitors here
Let's get this shit clear, are you gonna feed my niggas?
Otherwise I stick to my pride,
the victim inside Is about to bleed you niggas

Now here lies the power of love
Fuck what you think, there is nada above
If I take food off ya table and starve your ol lady
Well this is the makings of war

Drums bang hard, here comes my tribe
It's been too long to let the shit slide
Drums bang hard, here comes my tribe
It's been too long so if I...

Verse 2:

It's me, my wife and son in the office
Yea we came from slave to corporate
No daughter yet but yes when she comes
We tattoo her bloodline to the royalty

I feel like chuck d when i'm spittin, rebirth has risen
Politricks and conflict, it's all in me
Seems like the truth will hauntin me for life
It's cool, I keep a light for the trife

So unfortunate
But my town pops of everyday we live
And cry like fela kuti
The music seems to be the only thing that sooths us

Drums bang hard, here comes my tribe
It's been too long to let the shit slide
Drums bang hard, here comes my tribe
It's been too long so if I...
Track Name: Liberty feat. Adeem
Liberty feat. Adeem
Lyrics: Adeem

Verse 1:

Here I stand
a brand made to sell dreams
wolf minus the pack born with no team
thick knuckle thick headed stubborn never regretted
but still betted the whole world and preferred the odds
the evens stopped believing we were killing for a cause
maniac of science defiance through applause
my jaws snap down and bite through the ground
the dirt speaks truth and truth never slows down
time is us every single body woven to fabric
body rock charging the bright shocks of static
I could choose to be tragic a victim of habit
the white rabbit following alice in the madness
but I won’t, stop, must build, with a pocket full of shells
and let the rhythm hit em while I’m rocking the bells
I excel at being the king within the body I dwell
Hope is bigger than the letters is way that rome fell
riding on swell headed to the shore
land break the fall let the crash shatter your core
pure words find the cure ignite your insight
Fetish for definitions pushing outta the windpipe
sight unseen we might level your dreams
supply the audio fiends with ultra violent light beams
kick thunder no wonder so under rated
sick plunder know dumber wake the sedated


No matter what they say
I’m gonna go my own way

Verse 2:

Ruthless to newness
The spine breaks the shoe fits
Bend toward the pulpit the guilt equals nuisance
The cruelest the foolish the squeamish take one sip
The poison is perfect the masters come equipped
to the rule the world with an iron synth
grandmaster of the fader the body double tricks
still sick and stuck in a past that wants me dead
Life had better plans making me a god instead
in charge of the mirage ruler with tims and camoflouge
passionate pariah champion of analog
walker of planets a born vision of Magnus
take life from the tyrants with a the force Cassius
Clay mold the passion of the day
remember you are the now and now can’t stay
I dreamt the world would split to make room for the new
Let this sound shake the scene and make the dream come true
see this through to become something bigger than you
moments strung together paint a vision of youth
a force deadly and steady ready to rejuvenate truth
Proud poster boy of the tamed wild few
But I’ll never back away from death of the day
life moves in a groove that a fool can’t play
hold on to nothing everything is a sinking stone
float toward the light till this star goes cold
Track Name: Icarus feat. 里アンナ
Icarus feat. 里アンナ
Lyrics: Unknown (奄美民謡”渡しゃ”より抜粋)

岬潮ぬ荒さ 汗走らし 漕ぎゅり
加那が事 思てぃ 一やほ 二やほ

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